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Cedar Sage Wellness is a collaboration of three intuitive healers, specializing in spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. We offer Nutritional Therapy, Human Design Readings, Intuitive Healing and Energy Medicine. Angie, Autumn and Christine each bring a unique skill set to the healing process which allows all areas of the body, mind and soul to be addressed.

When the pathway forward feels unclear, Cedar Sage Wellness can provide support through the healing process to help guide you toward the healing you deserve.

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Contact our Practitioners:
Angie Gallaway, RMT & Human Design: 360.477.2982 – agallaway74@gmail.com
IG: @thisdivinelydesignedlife
Autumn Smith, FNTP & Intuitive Healing: 360.808.2882 – autumnsmithntp@outlook.com
IG: @mystic.x.mage
Christine Rose, MD, EEM-AP: 360.775.4640 – rosechristinemarie@gmail.com
IG: @wildrose2678

Cedar Sage Wellness Instagram: @cedarsagewellness

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