A New Energy Is Within You

Can you feel it?… The shift within your soul… We have entered a new time. A new dimension on earth. The old systems that were in place no longer work for our bodies or support our way of living. Some may find this hard to believe, others will understand and feel it within their soul.

We are being asked to open up to new ways of healing. New forms of communication. New frequencies and energies are available to us now.

One thing specifically – food. The energy of food. Lower frequency food and food items will not support the new frequency of our human body.

The same goes for previous medications, medical treatments and procedures. We have embodied a new light structure within the human body.

The key things for our physical health moving forward are:

Plant based foods – the plant kingdom has been supporting and sustaining life for millions of years. This IS the key to health. Recently (within the last few days and weeks) all living forms have received a new download of information and structure. The DNA itself has been changed, which is why you’ll see that the outdated methods will no longer be of use to us.

Secondly, minerals. Our body is designed from a crystalline structure that requires proper minerals in order to thrive. These minerals come from pure water, plant based foods, environment (such as grounding to mother earth through grass, dirt, the ocean, etc.), and balancing the electromagnetic energies of the body through the use of crystals.

You will find that the animal kingdom no longer provides the nourishment that it once did. For many reasons, but mainly one being the severe lack of balance and harmony within the relationship between animals and humans. This specifically refers to the treatment of animals and the rate of consumption. This will become obviously clear in the near future.

With that being said, you are now being asked to reevaluate your current treatment plans, protocols, diets, and environments to assess whether these are conducive to your new being and frequency.

You will know. You will feel it. Just simply take a moment to tune in.

Even those of you who have already embraced a plant based lifestyle and holistic remedies will need some adjustments.

In addition to this, you will see a rise in the need for energy treatments and healing modalities.

Within our current state of affairs, energy healing of all forms is absolutely necessary to remain and restore balance to the human body and energy field.

Meditation (connecting to yourself and the universal energies) is also more important than ever. Simply taking a moment to focus on your breath, tune in, and listen to your internal guides.

If you need help navigating through the dietary confusion, I have a free guide below to help support you.

In closing, please take a moment to thank your body for loving and supporting you through this process.

We are One with universal consciousness. We are co-creating our future.

By healing ourselves, we are healing the planet.

-Mystic Mage