About Angie

As a child I was fascinated by people, behavior, relationships and what it all meant.  I may have seemed shy or withdrawn to those around me and I was definitely labeled as sensitive. Growing up those things felt like shortcomings and transformed into anxiety and depression.

I knew when I walked into a room what was going on inside every person. It overwhelmed and confused me. I had a knowing and I always felt different.

After many years spent trying to fix what I thought were my shortcomings, I was blessed to find myself on the spiritual journey of a lifetime – a journey filled with beautiful and heartbreaking adventures, physical and emotional challenges, and times of much needed awakening.

I felt called to study Reiki and became a Reiki Master and Teacher as well as a certified Theta Healing Practitioner. I’ve studied all things spiritual and have continued to be fascinated by human behavior and have always had a deep calling to learn more.

This led me to my true calling and love affair with a Human Design. First in practice in my daily life; then in study through Chetan Parkyn; and now through readings, one on one with clients. The connection to our truest selves that’s discovered in learning and understanding our design is invaluable. It creates a real life guide book to our soul and it’s gifts. It shows us our potential, our ability to make decisions for our highest good and how and what to let go of – what’s never been ours to carry in the first place.

Human Design is a blueprint to your souls true purpose and it’s an honor to get the opportunity to be with you to help guide you through the process of seeing YOU.