About Christine

In addition to being love, I believe my mission in this life time is as a catalyst to help others on their healing and awakening journeys.  I am a pediatrician in a conventional practice working for the local hospital.  My alter ego is my work as an energy worker.  I have been called a bridge builder, bringing together the conventional and alternative into something truly integrative. I am grateful to have had the universe guide me into this different path. 

I discovered a thyroid nodule while I was on my honeymoon in Ireland in 2009.  That started me on my personal healing journey.  The first time I experienced an energy healing session was a profound experience for me. I soon after started my training with Donna Eden and am an advanced practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine.  Since 2009 I have also trained in shamanic herbalism and am an initiated Priestess of Avalon.

I welcome you to explore my work and that of the collective of Cedar Sage. Blessings on your journey.