A New Energy Is Within You

Can you feel it?… The shift within your soul… We have entered a new time. A new dimension on earth. The old systems that were in place no longer work for our bodies or support our way of living. Some may find this hard to believe, others will understand and feel it within their soul.

We are being asked to open up to new ways of healing. New forms of communication. New frequencies and energies are available to us now.

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Daily Energy Routine

One of the first things you learn in Eden Energy Medicine is the Daily Energy Routine. This is a collection of exercises that Donna Eden feels benefits the majority of people.

It is a great way to start off your day to get your energies running smoothly and to boost your own energy before you go out into the world. Try it daily for a month and see how you feel. I know that I feel so much better when I do this every morning! If you find that any of the exercises are a personal favorite, you can do them more often during the day. Such as, if you tend to become easily scrambled, the Wayne Cook might become your go to. Or if you become unhooked easily, the the hook up is yours.

You might be asking, “but how do I know if these things are true for me?” Well, you can over time, recognize your energetic tendencies and learn by trial and error. Or you can be energy (muscle) tested and learn that way. 

Wild Rose

Projectors: A Note About Self Care

To all my Projectors: you are here to guide the rest of us energy types – and in between take naps, long hot baths, and relax! You’re Strategy is to “Wait for an invitation”, and while you wait – you rest! You have no energy source and your aura will find and amplify energy, but it’s borrowed energy. It is not meant to run non-stop! Let the Generators and the Manifesting Generators in your life do what’s natural for them – provide the energy, while you do what’s natural for you – guide us! Also when possible, sleep alone or at least away from energy types to get true restful sleep.


Generator’s & MG’s – Put Your Energy Towards Good Use!

Generators and Manifesting Generators – this one is for you! You have an enveloping aura that magnetizes people to you! Your energy screams capable and hardworking and you have the ability to accomplish any task at any cost. This is why your Strategy is to “wait to respond”. The opportunities will come to you, your most important job is to listen to your Authority (decision maker) and only respond to what lights you up. Once you’ve committed to something, you’ll keep at it until completion, so it might as well be something that lights you up! Don’t waste your beautiful Generator engine on things that run you down, and you’ll have more energy for the things that bring you JOY!


Why Eden Energy Medicine

You know how sometimes the universe intervenes for you? Well, I have had many experiences like this but the one most relevant for this moment is back in 2009. I was spending some time at the local library.  The book didn’t literally fall off of the shelf but it might have. It was like a light illuminated a book called Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and said “pick me up, I will change your life.”  I was interested in holistic medicine but energy medicine was completely new to me at the time.  I read some of the book and was very interested, however I was overwhelmed with the discussion of energy (or muscle) testing as I didn’t have anyone to practice the testing she was describing.  The book went back to the library after a three weeks.  Fast forward a few months and I was in Powell’s bookstore in Portland.  The Energy Medicine for Women book by Donna Eden jumped out at me there.  I purchased that book and started to do the daily energy routine she recommends as a daily practice to get your energies running smoothly.  I was intrigued enough to ask myself, “I wonder if there might be any local practitioners?”  I got on the Innersource website and lo and behold, I discovered Kelmie Blake lived in Port Angeles. Remember how I asked at the beginning if you ever felt like the universe intervened for you?  Well, this was another one of those instances for me.  The year was 2010.  I was nearly 2 years out of residency. I wasn’t very happy. The way I describe myself now is borderline depressed, fatigued, and on the verge of an autoimmune condition (no proof of this just the feeling that something was brewing).  I started seeing Kelmie for sessions that summer and the first time I met her, she told me that in a few months there was a 5-day training in San Diego.  I might consider registering.  As they say, the rest is history.  I saw Kelmie as a client for several years, became her student, and completed the Eden Energy Advanced Practitioner training in 2016.  It changed my life. Perhaps it will change yours too.

Here’s a link to the book. It is a great read.

-Wild Rose

Respect Your Authority!

Let’s talk about Authority! In Human Design your Authority is your built in decision maker. If you have a defined Sacral and your Emotions center is not defined YOU can trust your gut!!! You’ll feel it as an “uh-huh” or “uh-uh”. You can teach the people around you to ask you “yes/no” questions to help you make decisions and commitments that won’t waste your precious energy.

If you have a Sacral authority, you have a life force energy that commits and goes until completion. This is why it’s so important for you to listen to your gut!

Practice it!

If you don’t have a Sacral authority or if you have a Sacral authority with a defined Emotions center, don’t let anyone convince you to listen to your gut (or at least, your gut alone!) That would be called “conditioning” – we will get into that soon!

Do you know your authority? It’s a game changer for getting through this life!


Your Trauma Has a Right to be Healed


When I saw this quote, every cell in my body was like, “YAAAAASSSSSSSSS! Praise Jesus, hallelujah!”

Read the top line again – YOUR TRAUMA IS VALID!

I was CONSTANTLY judging MYSELF because I knew other’s who had suffered worse. My heart feels so deeply for this world, how could I even compare my struggles to the REAL tragedies that are happening everyday?

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Are You Lying to Yourself?

When’s the last time you looked in the mirror? Not to fix your hair, but to take a hard look at yourself. Your actions. Behaviors. Thought patterns. Have you asked yourself, “what am I doing to contribute to the situation?” Whether it’s a relationship, a goal, or a personal situation… what are YOU doing about it? What’s your responsibility? Are you holding yourself accountable? Maybe you’re taking on TOO MUCH responsibility for other people’s shit. How’s your mindset? Are you feeling bitter, stubborn or stuck in a belief of “lacking”? We are the creator of our own reality. Focus on what you want. Think of it as if it’s already happening. Do you need to take any action steps? Do you need to get out of your own way? Do you need to set better boundaries? Often, I need to remind myself that I am my own worst enemy. No one could ever judge me harder than I judge myself. I get caught up in my own ridiculous expectations (ones I would never hold others to). Sometimes, you just need to stop… look in the mirror… and see the truth through all of the bullshit that clutters our mind. What lie have you been telling yourself?

XOXO -Mystic Mage