Projectors: A Note About Self Care

To all my Projectors: you are here to guide the rest of us energy types – and in between take naps, long hot baths, and relax! You’re Strategy is to “Wait for an invitation”, and while you wait – you rest! You have no energy source and your aura will find and amplify energy, but it’s borrowed energy. It is not meant to run non-stop! Let the Generators and the Manifesting Generators in your life do what’s natural for them – provide the energy, while you do what’s natural for you – guide us! Also when possible, sleep alone or at least away from energy types to get true restful sleep.


Generator’s & MG’s – Put Your Energy Towards Good Use!

Generators and Manifesting Generators – this one is for you! You have an enveloping aura that magnetizes people to you! Your energy screams capable and hardworking and you have the ability to accomplish any task at any cost. This is why your Strategy is to “wait to respond”. The opportunities will come to you, your most important job is to listen to your Authority (decision maker) and only respond to what lights you up. Once you’ve committed to something, you’ll keep at it until completion, so it might as well be something that lights you up! Don’t waste your beautiful Generator engine on things that run you down, and you’ll have more energy for the things that bring you JOY!


Respect Your Authority!

Let’s talk about Authority! In Human Design your Authority is your built in decision maker. If you have a defined Sacral and your Emotions center is not defined YOU can trust your gut!!! You’ll feel it as an “uh-huh” or “uh-uh”. You can teach the people around you to ask you “yes/no” questions to help you make decisions and commitments that won’t waste your precious energy.

If you have a Sacral authority, you have a life force energy that commits and goes until completion. This is why it’s so important for you to listen to your gut!

Practice it!

If you don’t have a Sacral authority or if you have a Sacral authority with a defined Emotions center, don’t let anyone convince you to listen to your gut (or at least, your gut alone!) That would be called “conditioning” – we will get into that soon!

Do you know your authority? It’s a game changer for getting through this life!