Human Design Services

Human Design Reading – $75

You will receive a 20+ page manual of information based on your personal Human Design and a copy of your Human Design Chart. You will also receive a one hour, one-on-one session (phone call or in person) to go over the information below.

In a Human Design Reading you will discover your:

Type and Strategy: How your aura attracts/repels energy for the things you want to create in this lifetime. Are you initiating when you could be waiting?

Authority: How you make decisions that are in the best interest for your design. Can you trust your gut? What does that mean? Are you intuitive?

Not Self Theme: What do you feel when things aren’t in alignment? We’re all born with a built-in reminder- it’s an emotion we will feel when we get off track. Are you angry, frustrated, both? How do others feel toward you when you aren’t aligned with your true self?

Profile: How do you interact with life and other people? How do other people see you? How do you interact with family, friends, co-workers? What role will you play in these interactions?

Centers: How is your energy operating in this world? What are you attracting/looking for in those around you? Who will you be drawn to or repelled by? Why?

Channels: There are 36 channels that spider web between the centers on your Human Design Chart. What channels are operating in your design? What gifts do they offer? What challenges can they create?

Life Theme: Every great story has a theme running through it. What is the theme of this lifetime for you? Your Life Theme is a one-page summary of the reoccurring themes likely to play out in this lifetime.

Additional Readings can be requested:

Spouse, Friend, Family Member etc. +$50
Add a reading for a child (under 18) +$25

Additional Services:

Human Design Chat – $30

You’ve had a Human Design Reading, you’ve learned your Type, Strategy, Authority but still have questions…. Let’s chat!

Book 30 minutes to ask all of the questions you have!

Human Design Primary Health System – $30

You’ve had a Human Design Reading, you’ve been living your Type, Strategy and Authority and now you’re ready for the next level….

A PHS reading will look at the Colors and Tones in your Design. In this reading you will discover your:

Environment: Where is my body happiest and functioning at its best?

Eating Patterns: How is my body designed to take in food? Are you designed to fast?

Manifesting: How am I designed to manifest the things I want in this life?

Motivation: What motivates you? Hope? Fear? What is the transference of your motivation? Guilt? Desire?

*Disclaimer: These are not medical suggestions or advice. These suggestions are simply a look at some potential ways to view your bodies systems according to your Human Design Chart.