What is Energy Medicine?

“In energy culture and in every medical tradition before ours, Healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, MD (Nobel Laureate in Medicine)

You know that sensation of sitting at a stop light and you feel drawn to look over at the car next to you to find the driver looking back at you? Or when you are out in public and someone gets a little too close? We all have these experiences of sensing things that aren’t with our eyes or ears or touch. This is one way of describing subtle energy. As referenced in the quote above, all traditional cultures have ways of moving energy with the intention of healing: acupuncture, shamanism, working with chakras, homeopathy, and one could even argue herbalism in working with the energetics of plants.

I work with subtle energies in the body and in the bio-field around the body. Sometimes it is with the intention of working on a physical challenge but even more often it’s an emotional or spiritual situation that we are working to shift.

What is an Energy Medicine Session?

On the surface it looks like a fully-clothed massage. We will start with talking about whatever is present for you. You will lie on the massage table. I use energy (muscle) testing to talk to your body about what’s in your highest good to work on that day.  For some of the work I will be gently touching your body, and sometimes I’ll be working in the field around your body. In general you will find the session quite relaxing. Most sessions last 60-90 minutes. After the time on the table, we will finish talking about the experience and any home care that came out of the session.

Sessions cost $100 per hour.

My goal is to give you tools to continue your healing at home. I have some clients who I see regularly, every few weeks. Others see me when they feel the need, every several months or longer.  I view myself as a catalyst and you are the real healer to find your way back to your wholeness.