What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system designed to unveil your unique individuality. It’s the science of differentiation. It uses data drawn from the ancient wisdom of Astrology, the Kabballah, the Hindu Chakra System and the I-Ching combined with the science of the Human Genetic Code (DNA), Quantum Physics and the Neutrino Stream to create a Blueprint for your life.

Through Human Design, science and spirituality come together to create a map of both our conscious and unconscious behaviors and potentials in this lifetime. Science is uncovering more and more about the mysteries of human life. A Human Design Reading can show you your natural way of operating in this world based on information that has been available to us for centuries, we just never knew how to put it all together… until now.

In a Human Design Reading you will discover how your energy is functioning and operating in the world. You will learn the best use of, and ways to access, energy for the things you love. You will learn how you are designed to make decisions.

Have you ever been told to “trust your gut”? What if you didn’t come with the ability to trust your gut but have the gift of trusting your instincts. Most of us have been encouraged to make decisions quickly, what if you are meant to take time?

In your reading we will also uncover your gifts. Are you a leader? If so, how will you lead? Who will you lead? Are you empathic? Are you intuitive? What does it mean and how does it affect the way you interact with the world? How do you know when something isn’t right for you?

There are over 70,000 components/potentials in a Human Design chart. You are your own sequence of those potentials. You are different, we all are. Once we are able to understand these differences we naturally become aligned with the life we were created to live. A life full of gifts and experiences meant to create joy and fulfillment. Human Design offers us the opportunity to live our best life, while at the same time understanding those around us better, to help them live their best life as well.